Procurement Policy

The Authority’s Procurement Policy exists to ensure the fair and equitable treatment of all persons involved in public purchasing, to ensure that the purchases are cost-effective, and includes safeguards to maintain a standard system of quality and integrity. It applies to every expenditure of public funds by the Authority, regardless of the funds’ source.

Briefly, Authority contracts are awarded by competitive sealed bids or proposals. Public notice of invitation for either bids or proposals—along with the necessary specifications—will be made.

The full text of our Procurement Policy [October 2021]

Bids & Requests

Here are our most recent bids and requests:

Invitation to Bid: Sludge Loading & Hauling Services

The Peace River Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority is requesting sealed bids for Sludge Loading and Hauling Services. Bids must provide a price per ton for loading and hauling of dewatered sludge from the Peace River Facility located in DeSoto County as set forth in the Bid Documents including the Technical Specifications and Conditions.

•  Invitation to Bid Advertisement (04/08/22)
•  Bid Documents Package (04/08/22)
•  Notice of Intended Decision (05/11/22)

Request For Proposal: Owner's Agent Services

The Peace River Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority is requesting proposals from firms (“Agent”) for the purpose of providing program management services. Services to be provided by Agent to the Authority generally consist of (but are not limited to):  program/project management, technical design reviews, procurement assistance, and construction, engineering, & inspection. 

•  Request for Proposal Advertisement (3/22/22)
•  Information Package (3/22/22)
•  PSEC Memorandum (3/22/22)
•  PSEC Notice of Meeting (3/22/22)
•  Addendum No. 1 – Questions & Answers (4/07/22)
•  PSEC Meeting Agenda (5/04/22)
•  PSEC Notice of Shortlisting and Invitation to Interview (5/06/22)
•  PSEC Interviews Notice of Meeting (5/06/22)
•  PSEC Interviews Meeting Agenda (5/06/22)
•  Notice of Intended Decision (5/17/22)

Additional Related Documents:
•  RFP Form: Key Staff Chart [Exhibit A]  (3/22/22)
•  RFP Form: Criteria 1 Summary Form [Exhibit B]  (3/22/22)